Civic Participation in Governance

Plus Europe Conference

Last May 12th & 13th 2014 more than 190 people representing 18 European countries gathered at the Second Plus Europe Conference, hosted by the Committee of the Regions. This event gave an excellent opportunity to the participants to meet, discuss and debate on the challenges that the European Union is facing in terms of its governance, social policies, banking and pensions, among other issues.

High representatives from several European chambers of commerce participated in a parallel workshop and discussed their role within the multi-level governance reality in the EU. Additionally, selected European Rotary Governors and Rotary Club members jointly discuss their role in the EU governance too.

Both stakeholders were key participants in this conference, together with the members of the Plus Europe [Youth] Forum. More than 50 young European university students and post-graduates were selected from 11 countries to participate in this important event. Their involvement -especially in the Interactive Session- was key for the success of the event.

Origins of the Plus Europe Conference

In October 2012, a group of concerned citizens initiated a civic movement that insists that economic and social stability of Europe can only be achieved through the political unification of the continent.

We believe that Europe needs to rethink the status of the citizen in European Governance in order to become a robust democracy.

We want to influence European institutions, so that they grant citizens a new role as main actors in European Governance.

In order to attain our goals, we have created PLUS EUROPE, an organization that works on the national and continental levels to forge an integrative model of Governance.

Be Plus europe in Civic Participation in Governance:


The PLUS EUROPE Association is a civic entity that acts as a bridge between citizens and European institutions.

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The PLUS EUROPE [BUSINESS] is a network of local, national and international companies that want to participate in the policy-making and development of the EU. 

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The Plus Europe [Youth] Forum

The Plus Europe Association set up the PLUS EUROPE [YOUTH] FORUM with the objective to promote the engagement of young citizens in European governance.

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